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Plasticisers and flexible pvc Information centre

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Plasticisers are chemical substances essential to soften PVC, also known as vinyl, and make flexible and durable goods such as floors, cables and wall coverings. Phthalates, the most common type of general plasticisers, are divided into two distinct groups with very different applications and classification

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Low Phthalates

Low molecular weight phthalates are those with three to six carbon atoms in their backbone. Their use in Europe has been limited to certain specialised applications.

Low phthalates include: DEHP, DBP, DIBP, BBP

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High Phthalates

High molecular weight phthalates are those with seven or more carbon atoms in their backbone. They are safely used in numerous everyday and industrial applications.

High phthalates include: DINP, DIDP, DPHP, DIUP, DTDP

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Specialty plasticisers

Specialty plasticisers are those used to give PVC very special and essential physical properties such as the ability to cope with low temperatures, increased flexibility or fire resistance.

Specialty plasticisers include adipates, citrates, benzoates and trimellitates

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